The breast lift without implants, a challenge surgery

Breasts are a symbol of beauty, female identity and sexuality. Over the years and especially after pregnancy and lactation, these important attributes of women tend to sag, lose shape and firmness. Fortunately, there is a surgery that can raise, correct flaccidity and reshape the female breast:

The breast lift without implants

There are many reasons why breast may fall or get flabby. For example, the normal aging process, gain or loss of body weight, the processes associated with motherhood, genetic factors, or just the action of gravity force. They directly affect the appearance of breast, which loses tone and “down” from its initial position.

To relocate breasts in the middle of the chest and sculpt their physiognomy we suggest the breast lift without implants. This is a surgical procedure designed to reshape your breast and reform the changes made in the areola and nipple.

The breast lift without implants, the procedure

 In our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery this procedure is performed by specialists Dr.JeffreyLaGrasso M.D. Dr.Jose Zayas MD
and Dr. Aristides Martinez AACS. They all are well experienced in providing cosmetic and aesthetic medical services.

There are different techniques to perform this surgery, which are used depending on breast size, age of the patient and her state of health, among other features. Also, surgical incisions vary depending on the case. You can make cuts around the areola, below it and to the level of the crease underneath the breast. The greater the fall of breast, the greater will be the scars needed to shape the chest and take the remaining skin.

Through these incisions we make the breast lift without implants, which consists of relocate and anchor the breast tissue, the relocation of the areola and nipple to the appropriate height and the removal of surplus tissue at the bottom of the breast. Surgery may also reduce the size of the areola in case it is very large.

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia and it lasts from one hour and a half to three hours and a half. After surgery, it is recommended to use an elasticized brassiere every day, for a month. The patient could retake her routine in 8 or 10 days. She has to avoid efforts arms. During the first month, she should avoid sports activities.

The final result of a breast lift without implants will be noticeable few months after surgery. The scars are more or less extensive depending on the technique used but they become invisible over time. Although they are durable, breast lift effects are not permanent because there are many factors that can affect them, for instance, pregnancy and weight fluctuations.


Breast reconstruction in My Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction after certain surgeries will open up infinite women to regain their youth possibilities. This procedure allows a reconstruction of the very lives of people. It is so important that about 30 years ago, specifically in 1988 the Law on Health and Cancer Rights was adopted. It stipulates that “the financial coverage of health services for the reconstruction of the breast and nipple, collateral procedures to achieve symmetry, and treatment of the aftermath of mastectomy should be paid by the state.”

The decision to undergo breast reconstruction is yours. Try to learn as much as you can about this issue before making any decision. You, along with those you trust, should talk to your health care team about any concerns or questions you have about this type of surgery. My Cosmetic Surgery helps you in the approach to knowledge.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

Many women who have had a mastectomy-a surgical operation to remove the entire breast in order to treat or prevent breast cancer-have the option of more surgery to reconstruct the shape of the breast that was removed. The breast reconstruction surgery can be done immediately or can be delayed. When the reconstruction is done immediately, the surgeon begins the first part of the process during the same operation mastectomy. You can use a method called skin-sparing mastectomy to preserve enough of the breast skin to reach to cover reconstruction. Another option is the immediate reconstruction postponed.

This method consists of placing a tissue under the skin during mastectomy to preserve space for the implant, while the tissue that has been removed is analyzed. If the surgical team decides that the woman does not need radiotherapy, you can be placed without delay an implant in the place where the tissue was. However, if the woman should have radiation therapy after mastectomy, reconstruction can be postponed until after completion of radiotherapy. Each year more than 295,000 women in the United States face breast cancer. The emotional and physical results of breast cancer are very different today than those presented in the past, by breast reconstruction everything can be solved.

Breast reconstruction results

This surgical procedure gives the best results. Cancer process or mastectomy process can be hard, actually it is, and because of that, a breast reconstruction can, at least, return the shape of the breast that was removed. Many patients every year go under breast reconstruction for a better appearence of their breast. Surgical procedures gives you another choices like a reconstruction with breast augmentation or dermopigmentation for a better finals results with the nipple.