Techniques for facial hair removal

Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair although it has become fashionable in men, especially hipsters and millennials, is a nightmare for women. Encountering a mirror somewhere and realize you have a mustache, or hairs on the chin, can be quite a traumatic experience, and the girls who have experienced this situation will know what I mean. Eyebrows, which of course fall within the definition of “facial hair” do not pose a big problem because all we have adapted to pluck generally with tweezers or depilatory wax. But what to do with the rest of facial hair, so persistent and unaesthetic? Well, girls, My Cosmetic Surgery brings a number of tips and procedures for removal of facial hair, because her beauty and wellness interests us. It should be said, first, that the excessive appearance of facial hair can be due to hormonal changes so if you consider the amount of hair on your face is not acceptable, you should see a doctor to rule out any hormonal alteration. If your facial hair is only an aesthetic problem, here you have a number of procedures that you may find useful.

Thread facial Hair Removal

This ancient technique has been popular for some time and can be effective with weak and occasional facial hair. Also commonly used for hair removal of the eyebrows. It is a good technique in the short term but does not prevent the appearance of new hair. It is not a painful technique and can be found in almost all cosmetic centers Miami.


It is one of the most famous depilatory, especially the female mustache or upper lip hair (mustache that we do not like much) techniques. The double standards of this technique is to be done in specialized centers and not on our own, to avoid bad choice of products and irritation in the skin of the face, which is one of the most delicate of our body. This technique, well done, you get excellent results with hair removal. The disadvantages that flow from it are possible irritations and also prevents recurrence of hair.

Facial hair Removal With Pulsed Light or Laser Technology

This technique falls within the so-called “permanent solutions” since not only remove facial hair at the time but slow comeback. Hair removal pulsed light or laser technology weakens the hair follicle directly from the root. It is a treatment that requires several sessions but after a couple of sessions the appearance of the hair is reduced by up to 80 percent. As the sessions progress, less hair will come back. It is ideal for light-skinned people with dark hair technique. Still, laser technology has developed numerous techniques and types so if consultations a professional, no doubt, find a laser that suits your skin. The drawback? It is a little more expensive than previous procedures but, after all, offers more effective long-term results and provides brightness and smoothness to the skin.


This procedure is quite similar to laser hair removal. Also attacks the reappearance of hair removing it from its root. This treatment, although novel, FDA is also certified for use in the United States. This procedure involves introducing a fine needle into the skin to destroy cells that cause hair growth. This technique, as lasers, have different types. We recommend galvanic electrolysis as it can be performed on all skin types. If you choose this procedure or laser hair removal, you should be aware that it is not recommended that you apply makeup or cosmetic product on the treated area within 24 hours. Do not expose the skin to sunlight; Always use a protector.


Varicose veins treatments

Sea salt against varicose veins in Miami

Sea salt against varicose veins is one of the methods that we could put into action after completing treatment with injections. Specialists from My Cosmetic Surgery recommend it to remove “spider veins” or varicose veins that bother mainly women. Injections contain a percentage of saline injection that allows removing them, but to make this treatment more effective we recommend this procedure using sea salt.

This treatment based on sea salt against varicose veins can be followed twice a week. What we do is to prepare a detoxifying bath where, in addition, we will benefit from other elements as essential oils and magnesium sulfate, ideal to open the pores of the skin, detoxify and provide adequate nutrients to support the balance of our tissues.

Sea sand and sea salt are two natural exfoliating products that are recommended for treating cellulitis. An excellent practice to alleviate this problem is simply to go regularly to the beach or the rocks, sit on the sand and do soft massages on the area with sand and salt water.

How to prepare sea salt against varicose veins?

You can prepare this bath once or twice a week. You will have to find a free time of at least half an hour, so you can relax and take advantage of these natural elements. You can include in this bath all natural oils you want. We recommend cypress oil. This is a very effective natural anti-inflammatory that will help to reduce these fat nodules that cause cellulite. This oil can be found in stores of special products or specialized perfumeries.

All ingredients should be mixed in a bow: salt, bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate and essential oils by stirring them well with a wooden spoon. You do not have to add water.

Sea salt against varicose veins in your bathroom:

The second step is simple, we must add this preparation in the tub or shower, which you have previously filled with hot water. Then, with the other half and a sponge you should do a massage on your thighs or on the area affected by cellulitis. This massage must be energetic to reactivate blood circulation and to ensure that all elements penetrate our skin. Once we finish this massage we can immerse ourselves in the tub for at least 35 minutes.

Then we can dry normally. If we perform this procedure every week after injections, sea salt against varicose veins will undoubtedly be well effective.


Micro-pigmentation or makeup forever

Micro-pigmentation or makeup forever

Micro-pigmentation to look a beauty or eternal freshness is one of the techniques most used today, especially if you are one of those women who loves being always beautiful and made up. As we all know the makeup is the best ally of women. It can correct imperfections and making them beautiful, but it is only a temporary solution, it only lasts a few hours and you have to tweak it from time to time.  

The use of micro-pigmentation for permanent make-up in cosmetics is very popular nowadays because this technique allows to delineate the eyes, highlight eyebrows and lips, make cheeks blush and even create the effect of eyelid in the shade. For those who wear contact lenses or have eye disease such as cataracts, this makeup is an excellent alternative because they cannot use the traditional one.    

What is micro-pigmentation?  

The semi-permanent makeup, also known as micro-pigmentation, is a kind of temporary tattoo that allows you to have long-lasting makeup on your eyes, eyebrows and lips. The procedure consists of placing small pigment particles under the skin surface as a tattoo. This pigment will stay in the skin for many years and eventually it will decompose itself. However, the longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type.

Micro-pigmentation techniques have been recently refined and they have been developed a wider selection of colors for technicians to create a more natural experience. Only a specialist on semi-permanent makeup can perform this treatment because it requires a specific training.

Who may be candidates for micro-pigmentation?

Any person can decide to undergo a micro-pigmentation procedure for many different reasons. For example, some of them just want to look good every time, others really need to get this for medical reasons.

The common candidates are people with allergies to conventional makeup, people who do not have time to makeup daily, those who wish to correct asymmetrical facial features, people with physical difficulties, or patients that want to recreate the areola surrounding the nipple and disguise vitiligo depigmentation or post-surgical scars.

Micro-pigmentation: the correct solution for your face

Eyebrows: You can swell them, refine, shorten, lengthen, shade, and imitate hair by hair even with a three-dimensional effect. The detail of each stroke of simulated hair can achieve a much more natural than traditional cosmetic effect.  

Lips: You can correct edges with irregularities, asymmetries, cracks, and you can highlight the lost color. Besides, it also eliminates the problem of lipstick bleeding outside the lip line.

Eyelids: micro-pigmentation in the line of the eye may result in a fine or intense lash enhancement, while the color is placed between the eyelashes and can be chosen according to your preference.    

Dr Rogelio Iglesias specialist in facial fillers

Dr Rogelio Iglesias specialist in facial fillers

Dr. Rogelio Iglesias, specialist in facial fillers from My Cosmetic Surgery, approaches us about the knowledge of several cosmetic procedures performed in our clinic. Wrinkle removal, varicose veins and others are some of the essential treatments for the current procedures of beauty.

It is very important to be aware of the products used, or the areas in which they can serve to improve our facial environment, or recover your “lost” youth.

Dr. Rogelio Iglesias who is a specialist in facial fillers tells us that the are part of outpatient techniques to correct the effects of aging  and give volume in certain areas of the face, using organic and synthetic substances by injection. They give the patient some amazing and immediate results.

One product for each zone:

Botox: It is made as a product from botulinum toxin and has proven to be one of the best products to smooth fine lines and frown lines. This substance acts by relaxing muscles in the treated area, making the skin smooth. It is recommended for the front, and it could be used for other parts of the body.

Restylane: It is an injection made of hyaluronic acid (a substance found naturally in our body). This Restylane Acid is one of yhe most popular facial fillers and it can be used for lines around the mouth, and for lip augmentation. Unlike collagen, it does not require a test before treatment because it is made of natural materials.

Juvederm: According to Dr. Rogelio Iglesias this new product based on hyaluronic acid is indicated from the vertical lip lines, to smooth wrinkles and restore natural contours. It is a product that does not cause problems and their results are lasting. Its silky smooth consistency has earned a reputation as one of the best options of facial fillers for lip augmentation.

Radiesse: This filler is usually a bit more durable. It is made with calcium hidroxiapalita material that is naturally in our bones and teeth. It is used for treating the same areas as all other facial fillers already mentioned.